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HMR Classics: Adeva – Respect

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HMR Classics: Adeva – Respect

A timeless example of house music.

The 1988 recording of “Respect” by Adeva on the Cooltempo label is a timeless example of house music. The song, which was produced by Paul Simpson and features Adeva’s strong vocals over a pulsating house rhythm. A cover of Otis Redding’s timeless soul standard “Respect,” which Aretha Franklin notably performed in 1967. The melody and words of the song have been modified in Adeva’s rendition, but the message of equality and respect are still present.

As soon as it was released, “Respect” became a worldwide hit, ranking in many countries. The song appeared in the top 10 in several European nations, including Belgium, the Netherlands, and Switzerland, and peaking at number 17 on the UK Singles Chart and number 6 on the US Dance Club Songs list. The song’s global chart success solidified its position as a house music genre classic.

Strong vocals and the catchy beat of the song are major contributors to “Respect’s” enduring success. Over the years, the music has been sampled and remixed numerous times. Notable remixes include the Adeva Respect Mix and the Extended Mix. The 1994 movie “The Adventures of Priscilla, Queen of the Desert” and the 2014 TV series “Looking” both incorporated the song “Respect” as well.

Adeva released a number of additional albums and singles after “Respect” over the span of her career. She rose to prominence in the dance music scene and contributed to the genre’s global acceptance. Adeva’s legacy is carried on by her music, and modern musicians continue to draw inspiration from her.



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  1. HMR on March 20, 2023

    Such a great track, and it brings back many memories of my career in music and its beginnings. A new sound had been born and it was exciting!

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