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Labels We Love – Tresor

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Labels we Love - Tresor


Labels We Love – Tresor

The label that defined Berlin.

When it comes to techno, few labels can claim the kind of impact that Dimitri Hegemanns’ Tresor has had on the genre. Founded in Berlin in 1991, Tresor stands strong as one of the most influential techno labels in the world, thanks to its uncompromising sound and its association with the legendary nightclub of the same name.


At the heart of Tresor’s sound is a commitment to hard, raw, and uncompromising techno. From its early releases by pioneers like Juan Atkins, Jeff Mills, and Robert Hood, to more recent output from artists like Surgeon, DVS1, and Marcel Dettmann, Tresor has always been at the forefront of the techno scene.

One of the key factors behind Tresor’s success has been its close association with the club of the same name. Located in an abandoned bank vault beneath a department store in Berlin’s Mitte district, Tresor quickly is one of the city’s most iconic nightclubs, and a jewel in the techno scene. Tresor’s sound system is legendary, and its dark, industrial aesthetic perfectly complements the label’s hard-edged sound.

Over the years, Tresor has continued to evolve and expand its sound, while remaining true to its roots. In addition to its core techno releases, the label has also delved into other genres, including ambient, electro, and experimental music. One of its most successful ventures has been the Kern mix series, which features compilations curated by some of the biggest names in techno, including Ben Klock, DJ Stingray, and Objekt.

Tresor has continues to push boundaries and innovate, with releases from a new generation of techno artists like VTSS, Hector Oaks, and Shlomo. But despite its evolution, Tresor remains true to its core values of hard, raw, and uncompromising techno.

For fans of techno, Tresor is a label that needs no introduction. But for newcomers to the genre, Tresor is an essential starting point as one of the most important labels in electronic music today.

Here’s 10 of the most significant releases on the Tresor.

  1. Juan Atkins – “Infiniti” (Tresor 11) – 1991 – This classic release by Detroit techno pioneer Juan Atkins under his Infiniti alias features four tracks of melodic, atmospheric techno that perfectly capture the spirit of early Tresor.
  2. Jeff Mills – “Waveform Transmission Vol. 1” (Tresor 23) – 1992 – This seminal album by Jeff Mills, one of the founding members of Underground Resistance, showcases his unique blend of minimalism, funk, and futurism, and set the standard for much of the techno that followed.
  3. Robert Hood – “Minimal Nation” (Tresor 47) – 1994 – This landmark album by Robert Hood, a former member of Underground Resistance, is widely regarded as one of the defining statements of minimal techno, with its stripped-down, hypnotic rhythms and futuristic soundscapes.
  4. Surgeon – “Force + Form” (Tresor 85) – 1999 – This powerful album by British techno producer Surgeon is a masterclass in hard-edged, industrial-tinged techno, with pounding beats, grinding basslines, and eerie atmospherics.
  5. Drexciya – “Harnessed The Storm” (Tresor 200) – 2002 – This legendary album by the mysterious Detroit techno duo Drexciya is a dark, aquatic journey through a futuristic world of submerged cities and deep-sea creatures, with intricate rhythms and haunting melodies.
  6. Blake Baxter – “The H-Factor” (Tresor 109) – 2000 – This influential album by Detroit techno veteran Blake Baxter is a tour de force of funky, soulful techno, with infectious grooves, shimmering synths, and Baxter’s own smooth vocals.
  7. Surgeon – “Breaking The Frame” (Tresor 245) – 2011 – This hard-hitting album by Surgeon marks a return to his roots in industrial techno, with brutal beats, distorted synths, and a relentless sense of energy and aggression.
  8. Robert Hood – “Paradygm Shift” (Tresor 303) – 2017 – This recent release by Robert Hood sees him continuing to push the boundaries of minimal techno, with stripped-down rhythms, hypnotic melodies, and a sense of forward momentum that never lets up.
  9. Drexciya – “Neptune’s Lair” (Tresor 157) – 1999 – This classic album by Drexciya is a futuristic journey through a submerged world of underwater cities and alien landscapes, with intricate rhythms, eerie soundscapes, and a sense of mystery and wonder.
  10. Joey Beltram – “Places” (Tresor 199) – 2001 – This album by New York techno veteran Joey Beltram is a diverse collection of tracks that ranges from hypnotic, minimalist techno to funky, jacking house, with Beltram’s trademark sense of groove and energy running throughout.







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