Revolutionary Pricing Strategy: Making DJs Sell Their Firstborns?

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Pioneer's Revolutionary Pricing Strategy

Revolutionary Pricing Strategy: Making DJs Sell Their Firstborns?

Who needs a house or functioning organs when you can have the latest and greatest DJ equipment?

Ah yes, the benevolent overlords of the DJ world have once again unleashed their latest wallet destroyer, designed to strip you of your last penny and leave you playing tunes in a cardboard box on the street. Who needs a house, a car or even functioning organs when you can have the latest and greatest DJ equipment?

DJ Pioneering Jim undergoing the DJ affordability review.

Sure, you might not be able to afford rent or food, but at least you’ll have that sweet logo on your gear. And who needs a healthy body anyway? That’s overrated. Just hook yourself up to some dialysis and keep spinning those tracks. Who cares about living a long and fulfilling life when you can have a life filled with beeps, boops, and flashing lights?

And let’s be real here: if you’re not willing to sell your soul (and potentially your body) for the latest DJ unit, you might as well give up on your dreams of being a proper DJ altogether. Who cares about practical things like financial stability or physical health when you can have the satisfaction of knowing you have the most expensive equipment on the market? You can even tell people that you own a Pioneer unit and watch as they bow down to you in awe as you sit in your rain damaged cardboard home.

The House was just a distraction, open air DJing is where it's at
DJ Pioneering Jim Says the house was just a distraction; open-air DJing is where it’s at. “If only they could release a solar-powered version, as plugs are hard to find out here…”

But don’t worry; they know what they’re doing. They’re not just continuing to price their equipment out of reach of the average DJ. No, they’re doing it for your own good; at least they are giving you a choice. You could always sell your wife on OnlyFans or start an OnlyFans account yourself to fund your new disco-lighted DJ unit. Who needs dignity, self-respect, or vital organs when you can have a mixer with 20 functions you will never use?

So go ahead and mortgage your future, your relationships, and your body for the latest and greatest. It’s not like you need these things anyway; everything is a meaningless concept when you can have an absurdly overpriced DJ enhancer with a plethora of buttons, knobs, and pretty lights stolen from a fairground Waltzer. You can even throw a party and invite all your DJ friends over to watch you play with your new toy as you laugh maniacally and proclaim your dominance in the kerbside DJ world.

Anyone want to buy my wife? fair condition, noisy in the mornings, occasionally emits noxious gases…

Written by: HMR

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  1. Hoop-c on March 13, 2023

    Funny to read m8, and i really feel ya.
    1210s in the 90s = bout 450 – 500 €
    vestax pdx 2000s = bout 500-550 €
    vinyl for 2-4 tracks per vinyl = 8-12 €
    i wish i still had my pair of 1210s, a perfect unit, but i still have 2 pdx2000s from 2ks decade.
    The comfort of being able to buy digital mp3s is way good to help to build a nice collection for not that much money , like it was in the analog era.
    But people know me , i dont like that brand that much because it is really overpriced and overrated, but it is a club standard. So there seems no definition for a club standard nowadays, it just has to be this 1 brand, lol. But there are a ton of different units and software and firmware and all kind of stuff to know before u may hit the decks there in the club, like i said b4, bout software and firmware.
    I wudnt pay 3k for this unit, i like the motorized ones like ns7ii and the sc 5000m and what should i say bout them or electronic units in general. There is no perfect unit out there, every unit has its pros and cons, their own way of routing signals, etc….
    So also the wifi connectivity for players to soundcloud and tidal, etc is way out of my understanding, what a dj is representing to the crowd and people, bar owners and community.
    Rule number 1 for me, dont be a jukebox dj, i did it a few times and ended in a way of unhappyness and it really kills my own vibe and gets me out of my zone. DJing is fun but hard work, takes a lot of concentration and feeling to do good. So a dj cant talk for minutes during his show all the time etc and isnt even interested to talk all the time , lol. People dont get that often in the smalller venues clubs bars etc. Its the human dj skills that make the crowd happy.
    So that leads me to a similar topic now and i posted the link to this nice to watch video.

  2. Boof on March 10, 2023

    £3k does seem a bit steep. However, it got me thinking how much my Technics set up I bought in 1994 would cost now.

    I can’t quite recall what the mixer cost but I know the 1210’s were £400 each. Carts were extra. So I’m going to guess about £1100 for x2 1210’s, Vestax mixer, and Stanton AL500 carts and needles. Using the Bank of England’s inflation calculator which only runs to Jan 23 (so the figure I’m going to give will actually be higher as we are in March now), £1100 would be worth £2,124.60 now.

    I’m not justifying the £3k price tag but it does add some perspective. Is it way off the mark, or just a little bit?

  3. HMR on March 9, 2023

    haha, order has been placed for you, I will ensure both units make their way to you and one will definitely not fall off the lorry and make its way to me x I promise!

  4. HMR on March 9, 2023

    Thank you Mark, yes all joking aside, I wish I could afford such a thing. Maybe I know nothing but there is nothing new here, so R&D cant be that bad, is this not just a case of additions? A unit where they cram as much into it as possible, nothing new, just more! I would be interest in knowing the manufacturing costs of these units.

  5. Mark Bailey on March 9, 2023

    Fantastic little read. It is a majestic looking thing though let’s be honest. Anyone wanna buy an arm and a leg? £3k, one ‘careful’ owner ????

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