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HMR Selects – Takashi Kurosawa, Ken Nishimura – Keep On

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Vinyl record and sleeve cover with HMR Selects written on it

HMR Selects – Takashi Kurosawa, Ken Nishimura – Keep On

Seriously, seriously good deep house!

RELEASE DATE: 2021-10-08
LABEL: Moiss Music Black
STYLE: Deep House

1.Takashi Kurosawa, Ken Nishimura – Keep On
2. Takashi Kurosawa, Ken Nishimura – Everything


A big slice of musical yumminess from Takashi Kurosawa, Ken Nishimura. and 2 deep house slammers.

Now this is groovy, two superb tracks on offer here and I have to say, there is a stand out favourite between the two. Loving the vibe of “Keep On”, it’s a super fine example of a great deep house vibe that will always be appreciated.

The second track “Everything” really is a big slice of musical yumminess. It’s so deep, head back, eyes closed on the dancefloor deep, you have to love it, one of the finer tracks I have heard this week.

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Written by: HMR

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