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HMR Selects – Dimension 23 – 23 Years Later

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Vinyl record and sleeve cover with HMR Selects written on it

HMR Selects – Dimension 23 – 23 Years Later

Three big, ear grabby tracks hitting real good!

RELEASE DATE 2021-10-01
STYLE:  Acid / Breakbeat / Techno

A1. I.M.O.K. R.U.O.K. (original mix) (06:31)
A2. I.M.O.K. R.U.O.K. (Or:la remix) (06:19)
B1. 12,000 Ravers (original mix) (06:02)


‘Spray enters the world, emerging with a mystically prophesied reissue from Dimension 23. Three ear grabby tracks hitting the big vibes.

The A1 ‘I.M.O.K. R.U.O.K.’ was first written in a mere 30 minutes as a live jam and recorded straight to DAT; rough, ready and destined for the rave. Brace yourself for freaked abrasive textures that dip and soar in a sharp contrast to the rich rolling bassline, propelling the track forward into delicious repetition.

Then we have a remix from Or:la, slowing the groove and shaking up the rhythm for a more sexy low-slung affair. BYO percussion and breaks, it draws upon the subtle sensual breathy vocals and delicate harmonic moments, adding a different kind of heat to the release.

Rounding out this release comes a B side blowout, ‘12,000 Ravers’.  A six minute rave hymn with a thundering kick that takes no prisoners. unapologetically galloping over a sublime bassline, whilst breakbeats ricochet effortlessly to leave space for melodic nuance, swirling synths and soft-spirited arpeggiators.

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Written by: HMR

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