The Housemasters DJs

Stacy Kidd Three time, gold selling producer is one of Chicago’s and House musics most prolific talents.  CEO and owner of House 4 Life Records & Dance 4 Life Records, he has a massive list of major releases on labels such as: Defected Records, Peacefrog Records, Ministry Of Sound, Basement Boys Records, Yellorange Records, KenLou/MAW Records, […]

Chip E Born in Chicago, Illinois, Chip E. started his DJ Career in 1982 and by 1984 he was producing records. In 1985 Street Mix magazine declared Chip E. as the “Godfather of House Music.” In 1987, he became the first (and still the only) Chicago artist to be in regular rotation on all three major […]

Cameron Dante a musical force and member of the mighty Bizarre Inc who were responsible for one of the biggest floor smashers of all time. Cameron has music and performance in his soul. From the B-Boy scene of the early 80s and part of the infamous Street Machine crew with his pals Jason Orange, Howard […]

TREVOR FUNG The Mighty Balearic, House Music DJ & Music Producer.   In the beginning there was House Music… And when Balearic and Acid House were born, Trevor Fung was present and instrumental in the birth of the new musical revolution. He was described then and now as a Legend of UK House, so we […]

DJ NiPPER hails from Manchester, UK and started DJing inspired by his love of Hip Hop and Electro-Funk. In the latter half of the 1980’s, he was one of the pioneers of the Manchester House Music Scene along with Sasha, Laurent Garnier, Justin Robertson, Graeme Park, Mike Pickering, Steve Williams, 808 State DJs and Jon […]

K69 / K-Code (Formerly known as DJ-K), a veteran behind the decks started his journey back in 1991 when he was entranced by rave culture and the varied music it brought with it. By 1994 he had his first residency in a local club as well as guest slots at Es Paradis and various Ibiza bars. […]

Starfrit, our man from Canada joined Housemasters mid 2016 and what an impression he has made with us. Ok, his first few tracks scared us as they had a bit of an EDM theme but after we spat our coffees at our laptops he flipped the tracks and instantly became the DJ Starfrit we love […]

Gary Richardson aka JK Rich is a UK based Dj whos influences go way back and include Frankie Knuckles, Todd Terry, Tony Humphries, MAW, Larry Levan, Dj Premier, Mf Doom, Madlib, Dj Red Alert, Norman Jay. Spinning for over 25 years he has played in just about every type of venue you can think of,  from a […]

Man on Wax Russ aka MAN ON WAX,  started DJ’ing back in the early days of the 1990’s playing on vinyl, he has a wide variety of genres under his belt from hardcore breakbeat, acid and Italian to techno, house and hip hop. This DJ has played across the UK whether it be on radio […]

Like many people that grew up in the 70’s and 80’s Mark’s roots and influence are drawn from many genres, Northern Soul, Motown, Electro & Hip Hop to name a few. Just as many people of a “certain age” Mark fell in love with the underground rave scene in the early 90’s, travelling all over […]

Dru Lewis started DJing in his teens, inspired by 90’s Rave and Jungle mix tapes, eventually gravitating towards House Music. Over the prevailing 25 years, Dru has drawn influence from a varied musical palette, from techno to Reggae, Soul to Latin. Still an avid collector, Dru prefers to play vinyl, selecting up front deep house, […]

Robbie Avery is passionate about Early House Music, specialising in the years 89 – 90. He was heavily influenced by talent such as Paul Anderson, Sasha, Nipper and Alister Whitehead. Originally from Birmingham, Robbie was a regular visitor at Shelleys, Amnesia House, The Hacienda and The Cool Cat in Nottingham. He started djing in the early […]

JJ has been DJ’ing since the age of nineteen, he got into the rave scene around 91 aged 16, partied very hard for three years, had plenty of  fun, made some great friends  and basically had it large. At 19 he started to buy vinyl to try and ween himself off the party lifestyle, it was all […]

Parkys tastes in music all started as a young lad loving the synthesizers and sampled sounds around at the time. Heavilly influenced by the sounds coming over the Atlantic from the states and the sounds of break dance and hip hop My interest then followed into the house music of the time, i was rather intrigued by […]

Kenny first laid his hands on a pair of turntables in 1996 and from that day, has never looked back. “It all started watching Juice” He started scratch mixing with hip hop and then became a Trance kid around 98 (we forgive him for this). “I had always loved House but it wasn’t until 98 […]

Jim is a dj and producer from the North of England. He has been dj’ing for 25 years  having got his first set of decks at the age of 18. In the early 80’s heavily into hip hop / electro and got into house music as soon as I heard the first house tracks from chicago getting played […]

Mark Booth was always in to electronic sounds when younger, then he caught the “house” bug. “I can recall hearing house music being blasted out from boogie boxes around my school. I can clearly remember House Nation and being blown away by it”. As things moved on he started going out and loved all the […]

DJ Kwik started mixing music & DJing in Chicago during the birth of house music in the early ’80’s. He DJ’d alongside Chicago’s world-famous DJ Gene Hunt in his basement, at house parties and a few local (Chicago Westside) venues. DJ Kwik’s style goes back to his Chicago roots (Frankie Knuckles, Farley “JackMaster” Funk, Kenny […]

The Housemasters Q & A 1. What made you start DJing? I used to breakdance, was massively into hip hop as a child got my first turntable and amp and speakers about 8 dads music collection is huge but i think the first rave i went to 808 state and njoi mc tunes that opened […]

John started spinning when he was 16 and quickly set building a cracking record collection. ARK leeds uni was my party venue for many years i managed to keep up with the music until i was about 18 ,but had my collection stolen so basically gave up mixing , Now 36 years old and as my […]

  Beatster aka, Bailey,started DJing in 1993, spinning house tunes at various parties and bars. In 1995 Bailey became resident DJ for Euphoria Promotions and went on to play in one off events for promoters such as; Kinetic, Club UK (Midlands) and Pandemonium. Bailey continued playing in clubs, bars and events around the Midlands and […]

DJ B is new to the DJ world, he had joined us as a listener and over the course of a few months last year we pestered him to come on board and have a try as a DJ, the rest as they say, is history. New or not, the guy knows how to build […]

Clarkee has been spinning for 30 years, starting way back in the mid 1980’s and the explosion of Acid House / Chicago House music in America and in particular, the UK.     His time behind the decks has seen him play at some of the worlds biggest festivals including T in the Park, The Redbull […]

Matt’s not one for discrimination and his passion for all things electronic hasn’t faltered after nearly 20 years in the game. Matt was first introduced to the club scene at the tender age of 14 by his older sister, two years later, he finally got his hands on a pair of turntables. After setting up […]

Barnaby Elliot Stubbs AKA Garda The London based DJ with his ears to the streets A low-key house/garage DJ that brings the underground straight to your sound systems. Born and raised in the one and only Enfield he was able to develop and sculpted his musical flavour and beat collection. ‘My love for music was […]

DJ LUKSTA It all started back when he was 14, getting hooked on the early warehouse and acid house sounds, he got hold of some mis-matched belt drives and a shoddy mixer and started to play everywhere he could, house partys / barn raves and so on. He soon upgraded to the industry standard turntables […]

It all started out around 1992 for Matthew, a schoolboy who was influenced into the Legends scene listening to the likes of Adam Wilson, Noggy and Andy Garvey. He soon bought his first set of decks. (a pair of KAM beltdrives and a Tandy’s Realistic Mixer). Record hunting every weekend with his mates, either nipping […]

DJ Nick Hammer was introduced to House Music in the early 90’s in LA Ca. U.S.A. His early inspirations were local Dj’s at the time, Barry Weaver, Doc Martin, and Steve Loria, “After countless parties and watching them I felt the calling to give Dj’ing a try and starting my quest”. He gives thanks to […]

DJ 125er (aka Hoop-c) is an Austrian DJ and Producer. His focus in house music are the deep, soulful, funky and techy vibes. Liquid and rollin Drum & Bass is also a favourite genre to mix and the German language hip hop / rap music from Austria and Germany, was the introduction to the electronic […]

Chris is a house music dj that found the love for the music back in 1994. “I was blessed to attend parties like toon town, flammable liquid, and spundae”. During this time he discovered the West coast House music vibe that he has stayed true to over the years. He started mixing around the same […]

Steve Jennings Steve Jennings has been behind the decks scene since the late 1990s, when his love for mixing Classic US House truly began. He enjoys playing all styles but has a big love for all things vocal, Trance and  Oldskool classics.  A DJ who loves messing with tunes, both on the decks and in production, […]

Cedric Martin With over thirty years in the entertainment business, Cedric “DJ Ced” Martin has come a long way from humble beginnings in the small town of Pritchard, Alabama. Inspired by the love and lessons from his parents, Dorothy and Bennie Martin, and his grandparents, Robert and Dora Lee Stallworth, Ced knew it would take […]

Dutchman Dorian Grey is a Techno / Tech House DJ & producer from Utrecht. Dorian started with his solo producing in 2013 and soon after that was discovered by Baramuda (Artist and Label owner Housepital group). What followed where releases on labels such as Twisted Shuffle and ADSR Records. In 2015 Dorian was represented at […]

Andy has had a passion for electronic music from an early age, from the Electro sounds of the early 80s through to House & Techno when he started attending clubs & warehouse party’s in 1990. He started DJ’ing in 1991 and performed for the first time at a party later on that year. He still […]

Paul has always had a love of the scene, from the start of House in the mid 80s, when started attending clubs & illegal raves, regularly travelling to London, Nottingham and Manchester to party, kool kat in Nottingham was one of his regular haunts around 88/90 & the eclipse when that opened up. He started […]

Aurora Da Silva is no longer the new kid on the block, she is making big waves on the scene, with a fresh face, a funky attitude, rocking a drum machine comes naturally. Currently shaping Stokes music scene with the collective Death B4 Disco, a plethora of challenging and dynamic events have followed. Aurora has […]

Miss K’s love of music started at an early age… from ballet dancing to performing arts, there has always a been a musical link. However, after her first nightclub experience, she realised something… Dance Music had an overwhelming affect on her,  from then on Miss K was hooked. 5 years ago, she was introduced to […]

Dean has been DJing since 1998. Coming from The Nottingham Derby area he has played for various bars and clubs in the city over the years, most notably Progress in Derby and The Venue in Long Eaton Nottingham. Currently living in Greater Manchester having re-located a year ago, he now residents for the Pennine Pop club events […]

Gregory Monteith was born in a town near Montreal. As a child he was musically inclined, studying piano, the saxophone and the guitar. A natural to the harmonious collection of sounds he passionately explored these musical sounds. But alas, he decided he also needed to stay sure footed and would work on a business degree […]

Nicky Williams aka Nims draws on influences from Renaissance in the early 90’s. Starting out Dj-ing in local pubs and clubs it was ‘95 when he served his apprenticeship in ibiza playing 7 nights a week for 6 months. His style is tech / tech house.

DJ and electronic music enthusiast alike, Aaron Thompson comes from Newcastle Upon Tyne. When not performing, He spends most of his time as a family man & a fitness enthusiast. Having spent many years playing at all of the local night clubs, DJing at special events and promoting his own shows Aaron has had a […]

Pako Pascal Coulombe (DJ Pako) was born in Montreal Canada. Growing up in the late 80s and 90s, his major influence came from electro music such as house, techno and Euro dance of the 90s. For the last few years, most of his influences come from artist like Alan Fitzpatrick , Adam Beyer, Skober, Nicole […]

Kevin’s introduction to the scene came through a local DJ and putting together a record collection based on what he was hearing in the bar he worked at. As his record collection began to grow, an opportunity arose to cover one of his friend’s residencies. Thrown in at the deep end, armed with his collection […]



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