Say Goodbye to Conversion Sites

Written by on 09/05/2017

The time has come, time for a little bit of peace, away from annoying DJ booth stalkers who repeatedly chant “Can’t you download it from youtube? I can download it for you, if you play it”.

We have all had them, ignorant gusset stains who have no idea or care about sound quality, often seen whining at a DJ, “life is so unfair, call yourself a dj?, you’re shit!”













Now, with one of the most popular free sites for converting YouTube videos into MP3s facing a forced shut down very soon, the end of this class of ignorant “please play its” is nigh, forcing them back home to listen to Calvin Harris, (He’s the number 1 DJ, dont you know).

The soon to be, ex operator of, having been sued by the Recording Industry Association of America last year, has apparently agreed to hand the site over to the RIAA with the RIAA keeping hold of the domain, thus ensuring  other “enterprising” converters have no room to move on in.



Apparently, in return for a “no further prosecution deal”, the site will shut down permanently. Currently it’s still up and running but some users have already reported jurisdiction problems when trying to convert their favourite, super dooper, low quality track for us DJs not to play.

The judgment has yet to be signed by the court but we are hopeful this is the start of something good, not just for artists and labels losing out on revenue but for us DJs. It’s a step in the right direction anyway and we hope bigger strides are on the way.

Anything the music industry can do to save the plight of the ear bent DJ is a good step ahead. No more relentlessly pushing away dumbwits (usually drunk females) with overly expensive mobile phones and a talent for being a constant stain on a good gig. Hooray!

Remember, youtube, is not a place any DJ worth his or her salt sources music!



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