Nicky Holloway’s Cancer Treatment

Written by on 07/18/2017

It is really sad news to hear of Nickys situation, a man on the scene we all know, have all listened to,  many of us having partied with him or alongside him. We all here at Housemasters wish Nicky the very best with his future health and speedy recovery.

Read about it from the man himself below, please follow the link and consider a donation to help.

Thank you


Nicky Holloway  June 17, 2017  (From Nickys page)

Completely out of the blue I got diagnosed in March with Prostate Cancer, I tripped over a paving stone in Spain and cracked a rib otherwise I may never have known.

The last six months having had scans, biopsies, blood tests, sleepless nights and the odd finger up the bum after a lot of research, it would appear my best option is Proton Beam Therapy abroad as the only thing available in the UK/NHS is almost guaranteed incontinence for a year and here is the biggie it’s goodbye to erections without injecting my wedding tackle or using some weird pump thing, bit of a buzz kill to say the least, proper game over.

I am in no way NHS bashing but sadly when it comes to the big C we are way behind the rest of Europe and I have finally found a place in the Czech Republic that has a 97% success rate and has agreed to treat me. I went to Prague last week to have a look around to be sure it was as good as reports said. It was and unsurprisingly it’s not cheap, the NHS have just bought two of the machines for £25 million, however they will not be up and running for a few years, time which I really don’t have as I’m pushing my luck as it is.

Unfortunately I no longer have that kind of money sitting around so as much as it hurts my pride I’m going to have to listen to other peoples advice for a change and ask for help which is without doubt the hardest thing I have ever had to do but needs must, as they say.

Any donation big or small will be much appreciated if you are not in a position to donate for any reason and believe me I’ve had plenty of times over the years when my card has been maxed out then just sharing this on your facebook page or anywhere else for that matter will help.

I’m just trying to stay alive long enough to continue to annoy you all with my bad jokes, rubbish dress sense, arrogance and appalling taste in music and I’m pretty sure I have kept many of you up night over the years so please help a brother out and keep me up, so to speak.

I really need your help people I did not see this one coming, I can promise you one thing though and that is the mother of all thank you parties once it is all taken care off.

Nicky Holloway

Below the pic are a few links regarding the treatment should you wish to know more, it’s actually quite fascinating.






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