Nick Hammer / USA

DJ Nick Hammer

was introduced to House Music in the early 90’s in LA Ca. U.S.A. His early inspirations were local Dj’s at the time, Barry Weaver, Doc Martin, and Steve Loria, “After countless parties and watching them I felt the calling to give Dj’ing a try and starting my quest”.

He gives thanks to his good friend Rudy Artavia for letting him practice and play with his equipment. After many, many hours of practice and learning the ropes he was hooked.

Nick has always wanted to continue to learn and understand  music well enough to make it, and that still his goal today, with aspirations of starting his own label, and building his own club one day.

He has played many clubs, and places over the years and had a great time doing it, but as soon as his son Nikko was born he had to get serious, with work and my career. He started online Dj’ing 7 years ago and absolutely loves it, playing on numerous online stations and now Housemasters radio.



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