Jasper Jay / UK

Jasper Jay

from Leeds, has been Djing for the past 27 years,  he plays both vinyl and digital. He has previously worked The Warehouse, Planet Earth and Mr Craig’s, Leeds, UK.  He finished in the clubs and continued as a mobile Dj until the end of the 1990’s when family life took first place.

In 2009 Jasper dusted off his vinyl and hit the decks and also entered the digital era. His passion was still there he had missed that buzz from playing out to an audience, the way the crowd makes you feel and how his music use to make people feel.

In 2017 he stepped into production, whilst still experimenting he has now registered JJM (Jayjo4music) for future releases. Jasper and his partner work as a team for JJM and the mixes can be found on housemixes.com.


The HMR Q & A

1. What made you start Djing?

I started going out clubbing in 1988 and totally fell in love with the music and I then started buying vinyl in 1990, went to a house party and someone let me go on their decks and I was hooked instantly.

2. Who would you say was your biggest influence on the dance scene, and why?

Now that’s a hard one as there are so many but I would have to say Sasha as I went to see him live in 1991 an was just in awe of his talent.

3. Compare the scene now to how it was when you first started spinning. What differences, good or and bad, do you see.

What do you see for the future of the Dj?

In the early 1990’s it was about the tunes and not the mixing, in comparison today it’s about the mixing and how technical and creative you can be to get that next tune in.  The digital era has allowed that to flourish creating a new breed of Djing and the music selection is vast.

4. Favourite label, Favourite artist, favourite track?

My favourite label has to be Positiva as they gave us classics that are well known and still can pack a dancefloor.

Favourite artist has to be K Class as their tracks hold so many good memories for me.

And Expose -tell me why has to be the favourite track as I still get goose bump today and its nearly 30 years old.

5. To date what has been the best experience you have had as a DJ?

It has to be when I was Djing at Planet Earth in 1996 and 750 people just erupted, when I dropped Stike – You sure do.

6. If you could play anywhere where would it be?

In England it has to the Ministry of Sound and I would love to play at Pacha, Ibiza.

7. Your favourite housemaster DJ and why?

8. Biggest mistake, biggest fail, most embarrassing moment as a Dj at a gig?

It was my first time ever playing in a nightclub, I mixed a tune in perfectly then preceded to LIFT the needle off the tune I’d just put in and to make it worse I dropped the arm on the start of the record (yep you’ve got it the part where there’s not sound) the silence went on for what seemed to be an eternity and the 300 strong crowd began to clap and cheer at which point I sank behind the decks. Lucky I learnt and never repeated this epic fail.

9. How do you keep check of your ego?

Have you met my misses, she keeps me in check but seriously I have always kept a level head and the only thing you will see me doing is bouncing around while entertaining and education the crowd as a Dj friend once said always remember it’s 90% entertainment and 10% educating the crowd.

10. How do you find housemasters, we like to call it your home of house music, do you see it like that and if not, how do we change that?

Been a Dj and part of a radio station is like a family to me, we work together and pull together for one cause. I approached the station because I tune in regular and know some of the Dj’s. I like the vibe and have heard lots of good things and I wanted to be part of that.

For bookings contact jayjo4muisc@gmail.com