Starfrit, our man from Canada joined Housemasters mid 2016 and what an impression he has made with us. Ok, his first few tracks scared us as they had a bit of an EDM theme but after we spat our coffees at our laptops he flipped the tracks and instantly became the DJ Starfrit we love to have.

Of all the DJs we have hosted from over the pond he has shone brighter than any and in a big way.A multi genre DJ, the man has some serious knowledge when it comes to dance music, his History sets being pure class. If you want to hear the very, very best of what rocked and made House music back in the day or catch what’s hot right now then this DJ is your DJ!

It’s all fun for Martin and this comes across in his sets massively. A bit more than a hobbyist but as a dedicated family man, DJing is just that, a hobby, so no massive history to talk about here, instead we can talk for hours over his music, the presentation of it whilst offering thanks for his joining us.




1. What made you start DJing?

As far as I can remember, I always loved dance music. I bought my first 12”s at the age of 12 so it was a natural step for me later to equip myself with my own turntables and a mixer.

2. Who would you say was your biggest influence on the dance scene and why?

When I was a teenager, there was a show on the radio called “DJ Live” presenting music live from a club in Lévis, Québec. Ari Cambouris was the DJ then. It’s on his show that I discovered house music as he was always playing many genres of house from Chicago house, euro house, acid house, new beat etc. To this day, I still have two tapes from his 80’s shows.

3. Compare the scene now to how it was when you first started spinning. What differences, good or and bad, do you see. What do you see for the future of the DJ?

It’s an easy one, MP3s! Some old skool DJ’s don’t like it, some do like me. Not because there’s a sync button on controllers, I think you can do so much more with MP3s than vinyls. Don’t get me wrong, still love mixing with vinyls, but the space I have at home prevents me from using them anymore.

I do not know what the future holds, but someone in the 80’s once told me that house music would die soon, that it wouldn’t last. Well almost 30 years later, house music lives on and it will certainly do another 30!

4. Favourite label, Favourite artist, Favourite track?

Label – I don’t have a favorite label, as long as I love a track, that’s all that matter to me.

Artist – Nothing to do with house… I’m a die hard Kylie Minogue fan. I know it’s common for someone in the UK, but in America it’s another story. First chance I had to see her in concert was in 2009. Seen her twice now in Toronto and Montréal. If you go to my profile, you can listen to my KM tribute mix lasting over 7 hours! But if you insist on someone on the house scene, that would be Crystal Waters.

Track – My all-time favorite house track is House Nation by the Housemaster Boyz. Nothing will ever beat that classic.

5. To date what has been the best experience you have had as a DJ?

Playing for Quebec’s policemen and firefighters’ Christmas party. Biggest crowd I ever played for. Great party!

6. If you could play anywhere, where would it be?

Well that would be in space. I know that it would be impossible to play vinyls though 🙂 The closest I did it was playing for myself while traveling on a plane on my laptop. Even did it while watching sunset over Florida.

7. Your favourite Housemasters DJ and why?

Humm, don’t wanna leave nobody behind but unfortunately because of the time zone, it’s hard for me to listen to shows during the week. So my answer would be Woody and dj125ers.

8. Biggest mistake, biggest fail, most embarrassing moment as a DJ / at a gig?

Thank god it wasn’t while being paid for. I was at a friend’s open house party where over 150 people came in and out during the evening. I was so drunk that my mixes were all crappy. I was having fun and thought I was good! It was very embarrassing the next day when my closest friend told me about my gig…

9. How do you keep check of ego?

I’m a very humble person so when someone tells me he loves my work, I sometimes do not know how to accept the compliment. I never thought to myself that I was the best DJ and I know I’ll never be. I just love to mix! Unfortunately I know it’s not the same for all DJs. Here in Sherbrooke where I live, there are only four spots with a resident DJ, and those DJs do not like to share anything with other DJs in fear of losing their spots.

10. How do you find Housemasters, we like to call it your home of house music, do you see it like that and if not, how do we change that?

What I like about Housemasters is that’s a family. I felt welcomed the minute I stepped in the lounge. Love that you can interact easily with the other station’s DJs. Everyone respects each other and if necessary have their backs.