Chris is a house music enthusiast, DJ, that found the love for the house vibe in the San Francisco Bay Area during the early 90’s. He had the pleasure to hear the music and sounds that influenced the developing West Coast House vibe that he has stayed true to over the years.

Chris started mixing around the same time and in the late 90s and early 2000’s he had the honor of mixing with some of his hero’s, up and down the West Coast, developing a sound and style that will fill the dancefloors and keep the party people dancing through the early hours. You will notice this uncontrollable feeling in his sets, to this day. He continues to be innovative while paying homage to his roots. With the ongoing mission to spread the sounds that he loves, he has now started producing and is getting ready to drop his first release entitled “Where I Come From” on Disco Balls Records.

“I hope my music will take you on a journey through sound and space that I have experienced over the years. So it’s time to hit the dance floor, feel the bass and enjoy the sounds that you can feel”.

You can catch Chris live in the mix each week as he presents the West Coast Sessions every Sunday at 12am GMT



1. What made you start DJing?

I was introduced to house scene during the mid ninties and with the feelings, sounds and vibes I experienced, it made me want to go further into the underground to so see if I could make the sounds that made an impact on my life. Coming up in the Bay Area during this time there were so many styles coming together that defined what I lived, I feel I need to show the world what my journey has been like and where it is going.

2. Who would you say was your biggest influence on the dance scene and why?


I would say Doc Martin has been my biggest influence due to his style, the love for the music and the inspiration he brings through his sets. The way he controls the dance floor is unreal along with the vibe that is present the whole time.

3. Compare the scene now to how it was when you first started spinning. What differences, good or and bad, do you see. What do you see for the future of the DJ?

When I started spinning it wasn’t about anything but the love of the music. We would go to different parties every night, when we could, just to hear what different djs were bringing to the tables. I feel we have lost the underground warehouse feeling that I loved being a part of.
For the future I believe we need to take the scene back to the roots of what made house music great, the love of the music. It’s not about being a part of the dj fad, it’s not about what festival you attended, it’s about mixing the night away and bringing everyone from all walks of life together through your music.

4. Favourite label, Favourite artist, Favourite track?

Favorite label: It’s a toss up between Robsoul, Classic Music Company, Sublevel, Night Shift, Moodyhouse and Cajual
Favorite Artist: Doc Martin, Derrick Carter, Green Velvet/Cajmere, Mark Farina, Garth, Jay Tripwire, Hector Moralez,
Favorite Track: Chez Damier – Close (Derrick Carter remix) and Kings Of Tomorrow- Ancestors Remix





5. To date what has been the best experience you have had as a DJ?

After about a 5 hour set, I had numerous people come up to me and thank me for taking them on a journey through sound that they have never experienced before.

6. If you could play anywhere, where would it be?

I don’t really have a preference, just where the people would love to hear house music. I just want to mix some party music for the party people.

7. Your favourite Housemasters DJ and why?

I like the wide variety of music that all the djs bring from all around the world. It’s cool to hear different influences from different areas.

8. Biggest mistake, biggest fail, most embarrassing moment as a DJ at a gig?

This will only be told once and I will deny it after this. Once I bent down to get a record and my pants split so I mixed the rest of the set with my boxers hanging out the back of my jeans.

9. How do you keep check of ego?

You have to stay humble and grateful for the gift that has been given.

10. How do you find Housemasters, we like to call it your home of house music, do you see it like that and if not, how do we change that?

I love Housemasters. This is the true home of true house music. There are no genres, just house music. I think Housemasters will redefine the feeling that needs to be present on the radio through a wide variety of house djs from around the world.