Barnaby Elliot Stubbs AKA Garda

The London based DJ with his ears to the streets

A low-key house/garage DJ that brings the underground straight to your sound systems. Born and raised in the one and only Enfield he was able to develop and sculpted his musical flavour and beat collection. ‘My love for music was apparent from a young age, with such musical parents I found the transition into DJ’ing was very natural and my knowledge of music allowed me to envisage great mixes’. ‘I believe we all take inspiration from our surroundings; from the people we meet to the places we go, music has so much to offer and brings so much life to so many people.’ With his taste in LoFi House, UKG, Techno and Classic house his fusion of flavour is being unleashed for the first time on Housemaster’s Radio.

‘Since I can remember I have always had that burning sensation within me to find ‘the next song’, and always aim to drop under the radar bangers that make you whip out Shazam’. Everything from Mall grab, Ross from friends and Floating points to Sunship, The streets and Roy Davies Jnr, will be dropped without warning so be prepared to witness energy, passion and imagination all wrapped up in an fun, bouncy show that is guaranteed to bring a smile to your face.

More recently the metropolis of London called for Garda, allowing him to play multiple ‘Technics & Chill’ events that were hosted by ‘Keep Hush’ in Shoreditch, this propelled him on to future success by landing a set at ‘Night Nurse’ in ‘Birthdays’ Dalston. This crowd favourite rhythm slayer is sure to have your head nodding by the end of his set.

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