HMR Selects: New Music Round Up 29 1 18

Written by on 29/01/2018

It’s about to time to stop playin’ games…I mean, time for a new House / Techno music round up, brace yourselves!


 Lucati – Hunger Capital EP 

Box Of Cats is back with a fine double header from Lucati. This EP leans more towards the addictive clicks and whirls that we often label as Tech House. Expect ear catching spoken word samples and bass fueled ear candy aplenty.


[quads id=5]  CEV’s ‘Golden Age EP 

Gents & Dandys return for 2018 with an EP from Hi Energy Recs bossman, CEV’s. Two tracks of uptempo melodic Garage House that will liven up your day, any day, any time!

Buy CEV’s ‘Golden Age EP’ On Traxsource


 Don Rimini – Make It Dance EP 

New on Bunkaball Recs, this 3 tracker from Don Rimini is a triple edged DJ weapons reserve! If you love your beats bumpin’ n’ jackin’, this EP is a whole lotta damn good jackin’ material!


 Jefton – Come to the Warehouse 

Jefton presents the third release on his Out Of Nowhere imprint. Over three tracks, Jefton takes the old and the loved and makes it new and even more loveable. The acid house/oldskool/warehouse sound gets retweaked for today’s ravers.


 Mongo – Spacewalker EP 

Mongo takes us on another journey through the green meadows of progressive house and techno with the ‘Spacewalker EP’. Both the title track, the Athea remix of the title track and ”Bend’ are things of sonic beauty. Fans of Sasha & Diggers will dig this EP!


 Blandy, K69- Temporize 

Blandy & K69 collab on a track that blurs the lines between House & Techno. The dark warehouse sounds combine with the slick House beats from these two Housemasters for a track that will find its way into many a DJ’s repertoire and many a club, rave and festival across the globe.


 Mindek – Snailer EP 

Mindek joins DJ SKT’s Stashed Music for fresh and original House/Techno sounds that come in the danceable shapes of ‘Snailer’ and ‘Rule’. Mindek employs an original soundboard of samples and synths over beats that pound and please in equal measure.

Reader's opinions
  1. Adam Roberts   On   31/01/2018 at 06:27

    Superb work and some superb tunes. This blog is definitely essential viewing to keep up to date with what’s out there. Thanks Tariq.

  2. HMR   On   29/01/2018 at 21:23

    Nice to see Blandy and K69 on here, yet another top selection Tariq, thank you very much for the info and education on what’s worth checking out right now!

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