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  Well what can we say about our birthday celebrations, a solid weekend of exceptional beats laid down by the very best acts online.. If our aim was to better our third birthday celebrations, then we succeeded in BIG fashion, if our aim was to provide our listeners with the very best DJs, live in […]

So over our 4 years of Housemasters radio we have had countless moments where we have been knocked sideways by a buzz, a feeling of WOW from an achievement, milestone or member addition and on this occasion, well, the WOW is BIG! Housemasters is extremely proud to announce the joining of two mighty names in […]

We are 4!!! We are ready to celebrate and do it with style folks! Style, 33 international Djs mixing up 33 hours of live music in the mix. As expected there was much interest across the net from those wanting a chance to take part and play alongside some absolute greats from the scene, so […]

Well, what can we say? The HMR Halloween event day this year was scarily good. A MASSIVE thanks goes out to each and every one of you, all the performers, all of you looked in supporting yet another unique day for Housemasters and online radio. Some have said this was one of our biggest events […]

It is always great to welcome new members to the Housemasters family, so we are thrilled to introduce our latest new joiners who are spinning on the Housemasters airwaves. 5 DJs who have finely tuned their art, thriving on sharing their groove. We offer a big welcome to them all and offer our thanks, for […]



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