Gregory-Marc Monteith / Housemasters Resident

Gregory Monteith was born in a town near Montreal. As a child he was musically inclined, studying piano, the saxophone and the guitar. A natural to the harmonious collection of sounds he passionately explored these musical sounds. But alas, he decided he also needed to stay sure footed and would work on a business degree for security… and well it also interested him.

He move to the cultural mecca of Canada at age 19 to pursue studies in business at the University of Quebec in Montreal. During these years and many after he was drawn to the nightlife and started bartending off and on in the bar scene. Somehow, without asking for it, he was always moved to the dance floor bar. Owners saying that his energy was best where the action was greatest.

Loving his vocation he yearned for more… a deeper connection to the crowd. Years went by and his club lifestyle became a sideline to his career. His career soaring and his sideline still in full effect, Greg decided it was time for a change… time to pursue a passion yet unexplored, after a little dabbling he got serious and started learning the craft and art which is DJing.

With his connections to the nightlife he’s gotten some notable gigs at well known bars in Montreal, but was cut short when his day job sent him away to Halifax. Continuing to pursue his dream, he hones his craft and looks forward to the evolution of his new found passion. Gregory is also producing his own tracks which can be found on Soundcloud, and is currently working on a debut album set for release in September 2017.