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Written by on 10/03/2017


Is it that time again? Well, actually, no, no it’s not but we had such a great time with the last one we just couldn’t wait till 2018 for the next History event on Housemasters.



Our first went through the roof with Mark Archer (Altern8) headlining the day of musical celebrations, our second went even higher with what was the BIGGEST set we have ever heard here on Housemasters, a history lesson indeed, laid down by our main man Cameron Dante (Bizarre Inc).

So how do we top that? 

We add some hours to the line up, take 16 hours and fill them with our outstanding resident and guest DJs, all in fine form and ready to rock. Oh, and instead of one exciting headline act for us to party with, we have three!




Firstly, we are delighted to say, Cameron Dante will be returning to Housemasters, we do have an idea of his set and let’s just say, it’s very special, almost as special as the announcement he will be making during his three hour set. The day will also have two hours from the man, the DJ,  DJ NiPPER. What can we say about this guy, the reaction to his involvement here on Housemasters has been biblical, the wait is almost over, so we can confirm NiPPER will be landing on Housemasters very soon! Our third headline act for History PT3 is the ever so mighty, Trevor Fung.

Personally I could write for hours on my feelings for this guy but there is not enough ink in my keyboard to do so. The guy is a true groove master and like our other two headliners, has a history that spans over three decades, clubland, music history these guys are. so it is with very big smiles, a warm heart and masses of excitement  that we welcome them back and to Housemasters.



When it comes to line ups, they do not not get any better than this folks, or at least until History PT4. With the exceptional talent of our residents this can only be the biggest thing to hit internet radio, ever! That’s not us blowing our trumpet, just pure, plain, straight facts.

All acts are live and shows compiled especially for Housemasters Radio
9am   – Clarkee
11am  – Adam Roberts
12pm – Mark Maddox
1pm   –  Parky
2pm   – DJ Starfrit
3pm   – DJ Nipper           (
5pm   – Cameron Dante (
8pm   – Trevor Fung       (
10pm – Robbie Avery
11pm  – Gregory-Marc Monteith
12am  – John Johnson
1am    – Kevin Knox


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A BIG thank you to all for wanting to take part, we wish you much musical happiness. Do your thing guys, be Housemasters!


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