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Welcome to Housemasters radio, we have always stayed away from an “about us” page as we do genuinely feel everything on site is about music, not us however, we are constantly asked why Housemasters and of our future, so, here is an about us page to try an answer those questions.

The site and it’s community was started early 2014 as a hobby, a place where DJs could hang out, have a mix and some fun among fellow music loving members.

Prior to 2014 two owners of Housemasters had performed on a number of internet radio sites, unfortunately, these sites were plagued with bad vibes from certain members whos interest was not music. These vibes took their toll, resulting in the closure of a good number of well established radio sites, as well as leaving myself questioning my place within the online DJ community and my own 30 year DJ career. I have never been made to feel so exhausted with something that has been my life constant, my music.

Running to the hills Housemasters radio was born and it was born with a strong desire to create a no nonsense, zero tolerance to bad attitude place to be, the only thing that was to matter was the music and if you didn’t agree, as many didn’t, well you could ……



We started with two members, myself HMR, aka Clarkee¬†and Bailey , the site in the beginning was a forum based mess which had an embedded chat room that would crash every time you looked at your screen. Our listener stats in the beginning would average around 6, we think 4 of them were bots but they were regular “listeners” so we welcomed them in.

The site did what we wanted and there was much rejoicing very happy and even impressed with our work, we didn’t need to eat anyone’s minstrels . It has to be said, we are thankful we do not have any images of the site from this time, I am sure they would be pretty painful to view. We worked very hard for what we had but looking back and comparing to today’s Housemasters, well, lets end this paragraph!

So from a site that crashed more than a crash demonstrator at a crash demonstrators convention we now boast about a site that has a strong community with a global listener base. From 2 DJs we now have many, over 600 years combined experience behind the decks and this includes some of the biggest names. Housemasters has played host to the likes of Allister Whitehead (The Hacienda), Trevor Fung, Cameron Dante (Bizarre Inc), Mark Archer (Altern 8), Brett Gould, Paul Bleasdale (Cream), DJ Nipper and so many more.

It seems having a no nonsense approach to what we do and how we do it has had an effect. Housemasters radio boasts the biggest collection of seasoned performers you will find anywhere on the net and it is all LIVE, we do no pre record our shows at any time!


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