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We have always stayed away from an “about us” page as we genuinely feel, everything on site is about the music, not us. However, we are constantly asked why Housemasters and what of our future plans. So here it is, an about us page where we try and answer those questions.

After many years performing on numerous stations and after becoming tired of the internet silliness “some” of these sites seemed to enjoy, it was time to do the do and get something started that could be called home. Somewhere where the music was the most important aspect, somewhere DJs could have fun, interact with fellow music lovers, perform and be totally free of any bad vibes experienced elsewhere.

Started in early January of 2014, Housemasters was a get away. When the internet was flooding with forum based “stations” that would appear and disappear in a matter of months, there was a BIG need for a place which was managed and the place was here.

The Beginning

V1 of Housemasters radio was itself a forum based site, very basic indeed, with an add on chat room which would crash and stutter just when you looked at your screen. We started with 2 DJs and at that time gathered up, a whopping 4 or 5 listeners, sometimes, that was the daily total.  It was very slow but we hadn’t started it for popularity, it was ours, it was peaceful, away from ego DJs and it was right. We thought it was great at the time, it was the best. We look back now and shudder, as it was just awful compared to todays Housemasters.

Oh, the music has always been great but visually, it must of had the appeal of a squashed banana. Still, with our ethos of “no nonsense –  just music”, we stood out and quickly started attracting DJs. No longer looking like a squashed fruit, we now have one of the most advanced sites and interactive chatrooms you can find anywhere on the net, “The Lounge“.


Growing popularity came at a cost, the site would crash, the chat box would go wild, if 8 people dared log in at the same time, 8 people onsite and cries of “refresh, refresh” often appeared in CAPZ onscreen, as we struggled, in panic to reboot an over worked system. Yes, back then popularity really did mean 8 people on site. To make things worse, we had no idea of code, no knowledge of the inner workings of what we were using, so when it went wrong we would scratch bold spots into our hair and hope.

Stability issues in our infancy cost us a few Djs, this is understandable of course, but those who picked up on the idea of Housemasters stayed. Still with us after 3 years, we have resident DJs who boast over 500 live, scheduled shows, as well as countless unscheduled performances. Thousand of live radio hours for any DJ is a massive commitment. This attitude shared,  is the stations backbone.

From two DJs and 8 listeners, we now schedule live shows from DJs across the globe, from the UK, Latvia, Canada, Thailand, America and more, a global and very diverse community. Not only do we share our love of music and performance here on Housemasters, we make friends and this, well it’s hard to describe the feelings it gives to know this.

Housemasters grows and it encourages all to get involved. From the beginners, the hobbyists to the seasoned and a few clubland legends, everyone is getting involved. If you has said 3 years ago that one day the likes of Paul Bleasdale (Cream), Cameron Dante (Bizarre Inc) DJ NiPPER, Allister Whitehead (Hacienda) and Trevor Fung, would one day be Housemasters residents, well, a giggle would have been had. Idols have played here, with guest shows from the likes of the mighty Mark Archer (Altern8). Support comes from everywhere, Joe Smooth, Brian Harden,  Marshall Jefferson, Jesse Saunders and more. Honestly, it’s mind blowing.



None of this would have been possible without our ethos, our members, our DJs and our fans. A music loving community that gets involved with all aspects of the station. Everyone working, not only to grow in the right direction but together in maintaining this wonderful reputation that we have. An example of this is our funding.

At the start, Housemasters cost the grand sum of 5 little pounds a month, it costs a considerable amount more today, much, much more. Currently we cover our costs solely from subscriptions and donations. Generous support offered by those who support the site for the benefit of all. This support not only keeps us in operation but has allowed us the opportunity to have the growth we so much enjoy together. Everything you see on Housemasters is made possible by our gold members, who we offer much love, thanks and warmth to.

Our Future

Well, it’s bright as they say. Housemasters has the reputation and we are building on it each day, as a community we protect and maintain it. It has taken 3 years of 18 hour days, many, many sacrifices and many tears building Housemasters. It really has been incredibly hard work but we are starting to see some light. With our members and their enthusiasm matching that of station goals, we see no limits to the fun and success we can share together here.

Our aim is to become a hub, not only a place to be seen but a worthy place to go, when searching for new talent, top Djs, scene news, everything a DJ, Producer or music fan needs. We are now at a stage so far removed from our “place to hang out” that we actively encourage partnerships, offering the opportunity to share in what we have developed here. A time will soon come when some will have missed the bus so to speak. We have plans that will cement our future and make the name Housemasters a name that proves quality.


A MASSIVE THANK YOU to you all,  for your involvement, often your patience, understanding, your support, your commitment and your love.you're-not-a-dj-unless-housemasters-radio



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