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Underground Attitude Stinks

There is often chat online regarding the attitude of promoters within our scene, people shouting out to highlight the priorities and attitudes some promoters boast but from time to time “artists” drop a clanger too, or in this case – an artist and his wannabe cannibalistic PR Agency. Abstrakt a small promotion company out of […]


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Housemasters Radio |  House | Techno | Oldskool  |  BreatBeat | Drum & Bass |

Housemasters Radio

Welcome to Housemasters Radio – The Number 1 House Music Radio Station


Our DJs broadcast from all around the world and include some of the biggest names on the scene. With all our shows being exclusive to Housemasters, you know you are listening to the very best live music in the mix, 24 hours a day. Covering many more genres, the sounds available here are not limited and are geared for your highest aural pleasures, in the highest quality.




Check out our Live Radio Schedule here, our DJ Profiles, and if you need to catch up on your favourite show, all the latest mixes are here, just for you Housemasters Radio Replay




It’s time to turn it up, join our chatroom and interact with fellow music lovers and of course our live DJs, within the nets most interactive and fully moderated chatroom, The Lounge.

House Music Radio

Housemasters has three channels:

* Live Channel – Featuring all our live shows from around the world

* Test Channel – Here we test for your quality of sound

* Guest Channel – Hire this channel for your own event

Want To Play?

Interested in expanding your reach, or just simply trying something new and exciting?  With a scheduled slot here on Housemasters radio you can expand your reach.

Our team are here to help you, for more information complete the DJ Application.

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Now On Air

Housemasters Replay

All the best Shows from last week

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Tuesday Deep & Soulful Grooves 00:00

Housemasters Replay

Never miss a Housemasters show

Tuesday Deep & Soulful Grooves 20:00

The Monumental Radio Show

Presented by Nims

Tuesday Deep & Soulful Grooves 21:30

Housemasters Replay

Never miss a Housemasters show

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